Cars of Russian stars — who is cooler

Russian celebrities try to keep up with their Western counterparts, and therefore fantasize who is in what way. And this is often reflected in their cars. True, most of our so-called stars are very far from real supercars. And yet we have found something interesting — we are sharing information with you.

Let’s start with the king of the Russian stage. Despite the abundance of show-offs and sufficient security, Bedrosovich’s cars are quite ordinary — the pop king does not follow the novelties of the car market: he does not have super-expensive cars. Except for one — the one in which the bed is installed. But more about it later.

But the real passion of the king of pop is cool numbers. For each he gave at least a million rubles. Why they are to him and why he drags away from them is unknown.

And here is the Hummer Ultra Reincarnation. The length of this miracle is 11 m. A double bed easily fits inside. Directly above her, the singer ordered to install a huge mirror — apparently even waking up, he wants to contemplate his majesty.

The prima donna of the Russian stage did not have a special passion for cars for some time. Philip Kirkorov, who donated a red Audi TT, started her luxurious car fleet. From that moment on, the singer began to be keenly interested in cars and soon acquired a rare specimen — Audi Wanderer. Perhaps this is the only interesting car in Pugacheva’s fleet that is worth paying attention to.

All the rest — and here and there are limousines, Mercedes, and Hummers — although exclusive and very expensive, still do not differ in anything special, except for an insanely high price.

The comedian loves expensive cars. It is not surprising — there is an estate, there must be a corresponding car, but more than one. Today, Galkin’s car fleet definitely has:

Once fans noticed a really cool car — Lamborghini Murcielago, but then it turned out that the comedian rented it for a short time.

The actor has several expensive cars:

But Yarmolnik’s first and only love is the rare «Victory» convertible. This is definitely a strange choice — no speed for you, no cool appearance.

Of all the stars mentioned in the article, the rapper has the best, stylish and most expensive car fleet. The guy loves cool cars and fast driving — not so long ago the police chased him. But now the rapper seems to have settled down and is trying to follow the rules of the road.

Timati has a love for fast cars, and in this he agrees with Jason Statham. In the rapper’s collection:

In addition to these cars, Timati’s fleet also found a place for the Mercedes CL 600 and SL Lorinser, and for the Audi R8, and for the Rolls Royce Phantom.

This gentleman, perhaps, surpassed everyone. The cost of his Bentley limousine is about 1 million euros. The car was made to order. It is a combination of two sedans — its length is 8 m. Everything inside is trimmed with white leather, the armrests are inlaid with ivory — and I don’t mind Nicholas for elephants — and the steering wheel and gearbox are gilded.

This mobile home is decorated in a royal style — there is a huge sofa in the salon, the ceiling is decorated with a sky strewn with stars, there is a stereo system with a huge TV, a refrigerator and a bar.

It is a pity that only Baskov’s close friends saw the interior of this luxurious car.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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