Cars in Russia will turn into mobile information platforms.

While we are talking about unmanned vehicles, which, according to experts’ forecasts, will very soon oust ordinary cars from the streets of large cities.

From 2022, unmanned vehicles in Russia will begin to be equipped with screens to warn others about accidents and inform about other traffic situations. Industry experts are confident that in 10-15 years, even in the Russian Federation, drones will oust ordinary cars from the streets of large cities, and the ability to drive yourself will become a luxury.

The screens were developed within the framework of the Mobile Information System project, registered in 2018. The startup is developing special monitors built into car windows. The screens display information messages about the state of the road, traffic, the presence of emergency situations and other warnings. In this case, the monitor is designed in such a way as not to interfere with the driver’s view.

However, the last point will soon become insignificant. From 2022, unmanned vehicles will be equipped with these monitors. It is assumed that the displays will broadcast not only information about the traffic situation, but also advertisements.

The image is formed on two opposite sides of the video monitor: an external picture — for the surrounding, an internal one with a rear-view panorama — for the driver. The complex also includes a microphone, a shock / acceleration sensor, an uninterruptible power supply and a controller with a micro-computer, a navigator and a transceiver device. That is, the technology provides the capabilities of a video recorder, as well as a recorder of sound, vibrations and corresponding geographic coordinates. The system can also be used as a burglar alarm.

The data that is transmitted to the monitor is received by the car through a software and hardware content management platform with support for V2X, ADAS and telemetry communication. That is, we are talking about the constant exchange of data between the car (V) and everything around (X), which is supported by driving assistants using sensors, radars and cameras.

VATS, that is, highly automated vehicles, as drones are commonly called, will become a testing ground for information screens from the Mobile Information System. Later, as the developers assume, traditional cars will become part of the traffic data exchange infrastructure.

However, according to experts’ forecasts, amateurs will not have such an opportunity to drive a car on their own. An unmanned taxi, according to the calculations of NTI «Avtonet», by 2030 will be much cheaper than travel by private car or by car with a driver. By 2035, «manned» cars, according to the general director of the «Mobile Information System», will remain only in the regions and small towns, and in Moscow and large cities they will become a luxury.

Officials indirectly confirm the forecasts of experts. The Ministry of Transport, together with the FSB, prepared

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