Cameras with microphones are being tested in Moscow and the regions, which will increase the variety and number of fines for motorists

In the capital, another road experiment on motorists has begun — testing cameras that measure the noise from passing cars and motorcycles. Soon this innovation may be extended to other regions of the Russian Federation.

The idea, which was expressed by the mayor of the city Sergei Sobyanin at the beginning of autumn, very quickly went through all the stages from preliminary approvals to setting up automatic complexes. Already on September 29, a bill introducing fines of 5,000 rubles for drivers of too noisy cars may be considered by the Moscow City Duma. Amendments are planned to be made to federal laws, therefore, sanctions for cars without mufflers or with loud music can be adopted in other Russian cities.

As it became known to «Kommersant», one of the new noise complexes has been installed in the area of Chistye Prudy (city center). This and other places, according to representatives of the capital’s mayor’s office, were selected based on the opinions of residents who suffer most from noise at night.

Noise chambers are new devices, not already existing complexes with extended functionality. This camera is equipped with four microphones directed towards the roadway. She takes photos and videos and captures sound.

The resolution (they will be sent by MADI) will include a panoramic photo with the trajectory of a car or motorcycle and information about the noise level at 5-7 points in the direction of travel with exceeding the threshold level, as well as a video.

The cameras are working in test mode. For full-fledged operation, the devices must be certified by Rosstandart, and for certification it is necessary to develop a document indicating the noise threshold values in decibels, to approve the method for measuring noise in road conditions, and not in laboratory conditions.

The idea is not new — in the UK, for example, the first fines for exceeding the noise level began

Most of the production cars fit into the norms adopted by the European Union in 2016. The offenders are usually cars with a damaged exhaust system.

By the way, the proliferation of electric vehicles should negate the number of violations in terms of noise levels from cars.

Photos are taken from open sources.