Boss Volkswagen advised that it is better to buy instead of Tiguan

The head of the German concern showed the commercial attraction of electrocars.

The head of Volkswagen Herbert Diss published a curious note on the LinkedIn social network. The top manager stated that driving a car with an internal combustion engine costs one and a half times more expensive than using a commensurate electric vehicle. DISS has substantiated his position, referring to a comparative test of the German edition Autozeitung — colleagues compared the cost of operation Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI and Volkswagen ID.4, Skoda Kodiaq TDI 4×4 and Skoda Energyq 80, as well as Audi Q5 40 TDI QUATTRO and AUDI Q4 50 E -tron Quattro.

The Volkswagen boss stressed that one kilometer behind the wheel of the diesel Tiguan costs about 30% more expensive than a kilometer on an electric vehicle ID.4, in the case of AUDI Q4 E-TRON, the advantage over the diesel Q5 is 40%, and the new Skoda ENYAQ saves 50 cents from each Euro. In essence, Herbert Diss makes the anticraft with its own diesel crossovers, because the message ends with the message «It’s time to go», that is, the rate on the electrocarbars is unequivocal.

Experts believe that a public call to buy electric cars from such an influential top manager can be considered a turning point. The disms statement is not simply directed to the popularization of the «batteries» cars — de facto, the leader Volkswagen opposes the fuel models by electric and justifies the advantage of electrocarbers not from the position of ecology, but from the point of view of daily savings. Other automakers refrain from direct comparisons and continue to independently promote products on fossil fuel and electric shock. It is still difficult to imagine that the Ford leader will advise to abandon gasoline Pickups F-150 in favor

Of course, the autozeitung calculations are valid «here and now» (and only for Germany), and in case of cancellation of tax breaks or increasing the cost of electricity, the alignment can be otherwise. However, journalists did not take into account maintenance costs, and in this component electric vehicles will definitely be cheaper. In addition, in the near future, cars with a low environmental class may be prohibited from entering the city center, so that the convenience of operation will suffer. However, autonomy still remains not the strongest side of the electrocarbers — for example, according to the stock of ID.4 I am inferior to diesel Tiguan almost four (345 versus 1337 kilometers).

It is believed that the bright «gear» position of the leadership Volkswagen indicates the imminent beginning of the cooperation of German auto giant and Tesla. There is a reason for such assumptions — Herbert Diss and Ilon Mask often spoke in a similar key on fundamental issues, for example, in the spring of this year, Volkswagen and Tesla bosses synchronously criticized hydrogen technology.

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