BMW crossovers will surprise you with a revolutionary door opener

BMW has patented an unusual technology that will eclipse the «wings» of the Tesla Model X.

The Australian edition of CarBuzz has discovered a patent application by BMW, which describes a revolutionary door opening mechanism that has no analogues in production cars.

Engineers are proposing to make the rear doors on crossovers more complex to improve passenger comfort when getting on and off. The essence of the innovation is simple — in addition to the traditional door opening in the direction of travel, the roof section of the flagship crossovers will swing open! There are two options for implementation — with a separate lifting element or a curved door that «captures» part of the roof, as on armored safes.

It’s not hard to draw a parallel with the Tesla Model X, which has the rear doors swing open like gull wings, but in fact, the BMW layout will be even more convenient for tall passengers and third-row passengers — in theory, they will be able to get into the cabin without tilting their heads. The rigidity of the body should not suffer: judging by the diagram from above, the length of the moving element will be approximately 50 percent of the total width of the body, and if the technology is applied to electric vehicles, the floor with a built-in traction battery will provide the necessary strength.

In the case of two-piece doors, the hydraulic or electric drive is considered to automatically lift the top sash when the door handle is touched. At first glance, the new design does not carry any additional risks, except that precipitation and road dust can get into the cabin in inclement weather. A possible slight increase in curb weight can be neglected, because so far the technology of double-leaf or curved doors is announced for the already difficult full-size crossovers.

Insiders believe that if unusual doors reach the conveyor, then the first candidate for a spectacular option is the future

Photos are taken from open sources.