BMW autoninki overview with revolutionary interior

Single-letter 2-Series Active Tourer surprised by the nomenclature, driver’s interface and power plants.

The most ambiguous BMW model is a 2-Series Active Tourer model — passed into second generation. Marketers took into account conflicting comments by the fans after the debut of the family of single-limit «bodies» of the first iteration (mall, BMW with the front-wheel drive and the cross-location of the engine contradicts the canons) and made original conclusions. First, a more roomy seven-mentioned version of the Gran Tourer was resigned without a successor, and, secondly, Active Tourer of the 2021 sample received an independent intraception

However, think that the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer changed the philosophy of incorrectly: it is still a front-wheel drive compactment with anterior suspension type McPherson and rear multi-dimensional. The Bavarian Mark calls the basis of the one-bit «twos» platform UKL2 second generation: they say, the angle of the collapse of the front wheels increased by 15%, the track expanded on an inches, the chassis was adapted to the wheels with a greater height of the profile, and the total parts with a predecessor to the minimum. The points of fastening the levers, and subframes, and shock absorbers, and the racks, and the adaptive suspension is available as part of the M-package with an understatement on one and a half centimeters.

The body is completely different, more durable and at the same time friendly to pedestrians. The overall dimensions changed slightly: the length, width and height rose by two or three centimeters, and the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance decreased to 0.26, regardless of the version (improvement by 0.01-0.03). Key designer features

The pride of the creators of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is a salon. The interior can be called revolutionary, because on the fuel models of BMW such architecture has not yet been used. There is no central tunnel, driving modes switched through the touch remote control on the armrest, before the driver —

«Physical» keys to a minimum: From now on, even climate adjustments do not change without interacting with the iDrive system. You can communicate with a car and voice and gestures; Four USB-C connectors are hidden on the salon, there are dissipated 12-volt sockets. It is curious that instead of projection on the windshield, the BMW uses a drawn-screen scheme, like the Mazda6 of the ten-year old, and the zone for wireless charging gadgets is dangerous adjacent to the cup holders.

From the point of view, the convenience of transformation and capacity of the salon, the new 2-Series Active Tourer does not exceed the precursor. The back chairs is still divided in the proportion of 40:20:40, the sofa can be shifted longitudinally in the range of 13 centimeters, but other than anyone else is equal to the volume of the trunk, and there is no longer for the legs, because the wheel base is the former. Lifting the second row of seats until it stops forward, you can free up to 90 liters of useful volume, but in such a case there is enough space for children. The folded backs do not form a smooth floor, and the limit volume of the trunk — 1455 liters — by 55 liters is less than that of the one-bound «twos» in the body F45.

In the range of power aggregates is enough. First, the 2-Series Active Tourer lost the «mechanics» and «automata»: from now on, a non-alternative gearbox is a 7-speed predictive «robot» Steptronic second generation. Secondly, the line of diesel engines decreased to the only 2.0-liter version of 218d (150 forces, 360 nm). Thirdly, the mechanical four-wheel drive XDrive has become a story — on the «twos» under the usual neuring a system of an electric full drive is masked!

The rate is made on gasoline compactnes — available versions 218i (1.5 liters, 136 forces, 230 nm), 220i (1.5 liters, 156 forces, 240 nm), 223i (2.0 liters, 204 forces, 320 nm). If you do not take into account the basic «two-eighteenth» versions, then a 48-volt starter generator with a capacity of 19 horsepower is required, that is, most of the 2-series Active Tourer will be moderate hybrids.

All-wheel drive can only be charged hybrids 225E xDrive and 230E xDrive. In both cases, we are talking about gasoline-electrical power plants with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, an EDRIVE electric motor in the rear axle drive and a traction battery with a capacity of 14.9 kilowatt-hours. Peak return — 245 and 326 horsepower, respectively.

A fundamentally hybrid scheme is the same as on the rechargeable «twos» of the last generation, but all the units are improved — both «turbotrook», and the electric motor has become more powerful, and the battery capacity is almost doubled. The result is autonomy without activating the internal combustion engine grew from 53 to 80 kilometers along the WLTP cycle. The data on fuel consumption and the dynamics of hybrids are not disclosed, but one can count on the consumption of two liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers of the mileage in the mixed cycle of WLTP, and 326-strong compactman will surely be able to exchange 100 km / h faster than six seconds.

As for the security systems, the «Two» has a central AIRBEG, which allows you to protect the driver and the front passenger from colliding by the heads; The rear view camera, automatic braking and cruise control systems entered the basic equipment, and for a circular review, assistants to prevent collisions, controlling strip and tracking tracks for road signs will have to pay extra.

In Europe, the sale of BMW 2-Series Active Tourer starts in February. After the refusal of manual gearboxes and the «junior» engine, as well as the transition to a modern electronic architecture, the starting price in Germany has grown by more than 20% to a small 36 thousand euros (3.0 million rubles). Charged hybrids will get to European dealers in the summer of 2022 and will cost a minimum of 44 thousand euros (3.67 million rubles). In Russia, the same «twos» is unlikely to bring, because the first generation model has been sold poorly.

Photos taken from open sources.

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