AvtoVAZ has raised prices for cars again.

The October rise in prices is the sixth correction in prices for Lada cars in nine months.

AvtoVAZ has raised prices for all of its products again. Since October 18, the entire Lada line has become more expensive by an average of 11.3 thousand rubles, and the weighted average price of passenger cars from Togliatti has reached the level of one million rubles.

Only a month and a half has passed since the previous price hike, and since January AvtoVAZ has increased the recommended retail prices six times — the same as for the entire 2020. Since there is almost a whole quarter ahead, 2021 risks becoming the year with the most dynamically growing prices for Lada, and this despite the fact that compared to December last year, some cars have risen in price by twenty percent!

The press service of AvtoVAZ did not comment on the price increase, but dealers explained that from now on all Ladas from the plant will have a “motorist’s kit”, which includes an emergency stop sign, a first aid kit, a tow rope and a powder fire extinguisher. All these useful devices on the road cost 2467 rubles according to the price list.

In both relative and absolute terms, the prices for the five-door Lada Niva Legend rose the most — the increase was 20 thousand rubles (+ 2.75%), and this is against the backdrop of rumors that the successor to the VAZ-2131 will be discontinued within two months. Now the basic «five-door» costs from 747,900 rubles — three thousand more expensive than the most equipped conventional three-door Niva Legend. For comparison, in December 2020 the same long-wheelbase SUV cost from 630,900 rubles — an increase of 18.5%.

The Lada Granta family has risen in price the least (by nine thousand rubles). However, in less than 10 months, the increase is significant — now the base sedan costs from 559,900 rubles, and in December last year the same car was estimated at 488,900 rubles. The rise in price of the cheapest domestic model has already reached 14.5%, and the year is not over yet.

All other Lada models added 10-13 thousand rubles in price regardless of the configuration, so let’s dwell on a few important points. The recommended retail price of the Vesta SW Cross in the minimum configuration has broken through the level of a million rubles (from 1,007,900 rubles), and the top version is trading above 1.2 million rubles — such a station wagon costs 1,211,900 rubles. In ten months, the increase is from 13 to 16 percent, depending on the equipment.

You can also note the unpopular Lada Vesta Sport — in October, the «charged» sedan added less than a percent in price (prices range from 1,221,900 to 1,277,900 rubles), and the rise in price for ten months by 12-13% is small by the standards of VAZ models. However, Lada XRay has risen in price least of all since December 2020: top-grade equipment added only 10% of the cost.

It is possible to directly compare the prices of December 2020 and October 2021, because AvtoVAZ avoided serious technical upgrades that could lead to an increase in production costs. The only exception is the planned restyling of the Largus family.

Other technical improvements include the emergence

Note that in recent months AvtoVAZ has repeatedly stopped production due to a lack of components, and dealers in different regions experienced a shortage of cars, which only contributed to the rise in prices. The extra charges for additional equipment amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles, and it looks like the plant itself is not averse to making some money on the hype. How else to explain that the surcharge for popular body colors in October became higher — the branded orange metallic on Granta Cross now costs 15 thousand (plus four thousand rubles), and for a similar shade of orange on XRay Cross you will have to pay 18 thousand rubles (plus three thousand rubles ).

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