Apple supplier showed prototypes of three of its own machines

High-tech electric car from Taiwan — this news can be taken with skepticism until you know the detail: the new model is being developed by one of Apple’s key suppliers. And given that Cupertino is also developing their own electric car, the situation becomes doubly interesting.

So, the Taiwanese company Foxconn, which previously announced the design of an electric car, presented three prototypes at once at the annual technical event Hon Hai Tech Day-2021 (Elon Musk definitely introduced the fashion for such «days»). True, while they are digital — we are talking about video teasers. Judging by them, the model range of the new Foxtron brand will include a crossover, a sedan and a bus.

The design of the cars resembles the exterior of most modern cars, except that you can pay attention to the emphatically sharp stamping on the sedan fenders. The names have not yet been announced, however, the inscription Model C flashes on the number plate of the crossover — it refers to the naming of Tesla cars. And the solid line of optics looks more like the design of the headlights and lanterns of another American startup of electric vehicles — Rivian, which have just started offering their pickups and SUVs to customers. At the same time, the cult Italian body company Pininfarina was engaged in the development of the external appearance.

No technical details have been reported yet. Foxconn previously announced plans to create a modular MIH Open Platform. On it, different manufacturers can design different parts of an electric vehicle with components from Foxconn. Own cars will be produced by a joint venture between Foxconn and Taiwanese automaker Yulon Motor Co Ltd.

The most interesting thing about the future Foxtron machines is the fact that they are being developed by one of the largest suppliers of electronics in the world, in particular — for Apple. As the pandemic and the resulting microchip crisis in the global market have shown, which has hit the automotive industry, electronics play a huge role in modern vehicles. Both the developers and manufacturers of microcircuits today practically rule the release of new machines, which means they have an important competitive advantage. By 2025-2027, Foxconn expects to close on itself 10% of the supply of components and services for electric vehicles on a global scale.

It is also noteworthy that Apple itself has been developing an electric car for several years, and in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. The latest leaked information related to the transfer to the team of leading Mercedes-Benz engineers.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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