A complex puzzle in which you need to find only 10 differences is gaining popularity on the web

90% of drivers cannot tell the difference in the picture. You are definitely not one of them ?!

We present to your attention an excellent puzzle, which we called «blow your mind, break your eyes, ask the audience for help, call a friend or all together, and you still won’t find ten differences.» 90% of drivers cannot cope with the task. Think you are definitely a pro? Then go for it. Puzzle created by Creative Car Park Ltd, design interpretation by Matador Tech.

Motorists are cheerful people. Either they compose anecdotes about traffic cops, or invent food for the brain. And really, why not create something of a kind that you can occupy yourself with while standing in a multi-kilometer traffic jam or sitting in the evening near the fireplace with a cup of tea or coffee?

So they created — they drew two pictures that, upon a cursory examination, are similar to each other, like two drops of water. And even if you look closely, only the most attentive driver will notice the difference.

Want to check your IQ?

You need fresh, rested brains, as well as mindfulness and focus. You don’t have to be a motorist.

Here are pictures separated by a vertical stripe. At first glance, they are identical.

The pictures show parking near the shopping center — this is how it may look at rush hour: almost all the places are occupied, someone is parking, someone is leaving, someone is driving in. There are markings for disabled drivers and ordinary car enthusiasts. All labels are affixed in accordance with the traffic rules.

The sameness of pictures is an illusion. Five elements are immediately striking, you will have to sweat over the rest, otherwise you will not guess the puzzle.

Well, are you interested? Then let’s go — click on the video view, carefully study the picture. To find 10 differences, you are given only 49 seconds. Not found — it means that your IQ is below the baseboard.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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