7 phrases that will help bring down the b / y

We decided to buy a used car, but do not want to overpay? We tell how to communicate with the seller to bring down the price as much as possible and what can I count on.

It is not necessary to use them exactly as written. Creative is allowed. It is important to show the seller that in the car you are interested, but not so much to grab it immediately and still pay from above. We need a balance between genuine interest and desire to buy and calculate, so looking for your approaches.

We offer to get acquainted with the most common and so far worker phrases.

It is believed that only the dealerships love to bargain on the phone. The normal buyer will first look at the car, appreciate it and only after that, on the basis of the information received, will begin to knock down.

Do not call the seller often. Ideally — phoned, talked and agreed when you arrive at the «see.»

It usually works. So you give to understand that you are interested in a car and in principle not to buy it, but something confuses. And if it cost a car slightly cheaper, you would take it.

Options that you can regret:

Be prepared that the seller will get angry with such a statement. And truth, you read the announcement and knew that the car was blue in the body of a wagon. Why do you regret that this is not a green sedan?

«This is just what you need to go fishing» (for mushrooms, on a long journey, etc.). The task of such phrases is to place the seller to themselves, talk about this, about seven-life, about finance, and there before bargaining.

Relaxing during the conversation, the seller can tell some interesting story, for example, as the on-board computer has failed and had to cause a tow truck or how to start burning the clutch when he bucks in the dirt on his crossover.

Among the sellers of the used car are not so many people who are ready to talk with you about life. Many understand that this is a desire to bring to a frank conversation or reduce the price, therefore respond to one-room, silent or returned the buyer to inspection and decision making. With such people, such a trick will not pass.

This is a natural and harmless question. You are unlikely to get an honest answer. Practice shows that normal car owners before selling cars are carried out by master cleaning of the cabin, and even distinguishes the car into an autochym.

Inspect the car from the inside. Special attention is paid to the junction of the seat backing position and the base — the wool usually accumulates there. However, it is unlikely that its presence can be a reason for bargaining. Wool is easily removed by hand with a damp cloth or a car vacuum cleaner. But an attempt is not torture. Try, maybe a couple of thousand seller will lose.

If wool is not a reason for bargaining, then scratches on plastic from claws and teeth — quite. Found such traces? Use to reduce the price.

It is believed that such a phrase works, and the seller often agrees to reduce the price. But do not be offended, if specifically, you fall in a rough form. There is no used machines without micro-defects on LCP.

An exception — the car was operated only within the motorways, and the owner lived somewhere nearby. Entrance to a narrow yard with poor asphalt is fraught with the appearance of scratches. The second option is a battered machine, it is podimarafti, and then re-painted.

Ideally, this phrase should be the first — it will help save time, because you do not have to examine obviously non-thendation. If the seller categorically refuses, it means that it has something to hide. You should not buy such a car.

Auto must be washed before selling. If you are dirty copy before you, plus the owner refuses to diagnose, do not risk.

It is believed that this phrase logically completes bargaining. In fact, the situation looks comical. You buy used car for half a million and shake for 5,000 rubles. Agree, if the seller and give up such a penny, it will be an exception to the rules.

Going to the car market, you need to write all possible expenses in advance — how much you lay on the alleged repair of the used car, how much they are ready to pay for it. Also should remain money just in case — you never know what. Never waste everything under the urban.

Yes, nothing. Sellers are now advanced and preparing to communicate with potential buyers in advance. Our 7 questions have as many reinforced concrete answers that help to fight off from annoying car enthusiasts wishing to buy a good wheelbarrow.

Well, objectively — if you are lucky, you really will be able to throw out percentage 10, maybe 15, no more. Buyers want to buy a car cheaper and in good condition, sellers — «push» more expensive sometimes concrete trash. Who will take place!

In addition to phrases that you may not work, it is important to correctly inspect the car, and after that try to bring down the price. If you decide that you will come to the car market, a little smarter and the seller will relieve interest 25 from the initial amount, then this is a deep misconception.

What we wrote it are: think the tactics of bargaining in advance and adjust it already in place during the inspection of the car. And let it be not an attempt to smash the seller, but concrete facts.

For example, it is logical to require a price reduction if the windshield with a crack, the headlight is broken, the brake pads or the salon are so killed that it will be necessary to take it and restoring surfaces, but the technical condition of the car is decent. Jump on a car with a mileage of 150 thousand km that he has «Kotski» on the LKM, just ridiculous.

Photos taken from open sources.